21st Century Burlesque Magazine

Here’s a fabulous online magazine about all things Burlesque. I’ve added an exact below. Please click the link to read more and to subscribe.


“I remember sitting at our table at Tease-O-Rama in San Fransisco, 2007, and thinking about the community of warm, fascinating and skilled individuals all around me. I wanted to create something joyous, informative and entertaining that showed them off, documented their achievements, and gave people all over the world who were unable to attend these big events, or didn’t have a national ‘scene’ to get involved in, the opportunity to see and read about each other. Something that told stories, connected communities, and examined ideas, issues and approaches; a big, sparkly ‘show and tell’. It seemed such a shame to me that once a show or event was over, you often wouldn’t hear much more about it or have any record of it, unless the handful of photographers covering burlesque circulated their images on a photo-sharing site somewhere online.”